Schools' Money Back Guarantee

Terms & Conditions

Children who use Maths-Whizz in Tutor Mode for 45 minutes per week will improve their Maths Age by, on average, more than 12 months in their first year of use. Whizz Education is willing to guarantee that level of learning progress rate. In short accelerated learning or your money back.

Your school qualifies for this money back guarantee subject to all the following conditions applying:

  1. UK based schools only, purchasing Maths-Whizz for the first time from 21st May, 2018 until further notice.
  2. Whole school or minimum purchase of 100 Maths-Whizz subscriptions to qualify: does not apply where Maths-Whizz is used primarily for intervention or SEND purposes.
  3. Minimum average usage by students of 45 minutes in tutor mode per week. This usage condition only applies to the time period (referred to as time span) from when students completed their initial Maths-Whizz assessment up to the end date of the first-year subscription period. The school is therefore not penalised if some students start assessments late or join mid-year, subject to the following conditions;
    1. Minimum average time span of 6 months: the average time span, of all student users, must be at least 6 months for this guarantee to apply.
    2. All student subscriptions to be included except archived students: after excluding archived students, the guarantee conditions must be valid when applied to all your other students, active or inactive at the end of the subscription period, who must represent at least 80% of the subscriptions you purchased.
  4. On average, students have not seen accelerated learning progress. This is measured by the change in Whizz Education’s “Maths-age” metric averaged across all students compared, on a pro-rata basis, to their average time span. For example, if the average time span has been only 6 months then an average progress of 7 months in maths age is considered accelerated progress.

Further Notes

  • Any school wishing to claim its money back under this guarantee must email their Whizz Customer Success Manager no later than two weeks after the end date of the first-year subscription. Whizz Education undertakes to respond within a further two weeks either indicating that all conditions have been satisfied and notifying you of the payment date for the claim or explaining why the money back is not due.
  • The above conditions being met can be validated by both the school and Whizz Education through the Maths-Whizz reporting system available to schools, facilitating full transparency.
  • Note that it is possible that some individual students may not see accelerated learning gains for one of many reasons. The guarantee applies to the overall average progress of the applicable student body as a whole.
  • In the event the school qualifies with all the above conditions, Whizz Education will make a full refund of the first-year subscription amount. Note that the school is still be obligated to pay any further instalments due on multi-year purchases of Maths-Whizz.