Accelerate learning and monitor progress in your Multi-Academy Trust

Our Award-winning online maths tutor, Maths-Whizz, can help you achieve both of these objectives. Maths-Whizz provides you with real-time reporting at student, class, school and Trust level to enable you to monitor and improve on the learning gains achieved by each individual student.

Accelerate student progress

Maths-Whizz is ideal for in-class learning, homework and intervention.

Individualised lessons

Our online Tutor will ensure that all your students experience accelerated progress in maths by providing them with fully-individualised lessons that suit their exact level of ability, exactly when they are needed.

Increased confidence

Our lessons build students’ core knowledge so that they are better prepared for your front of class activities.

Supports any scheme of work

Maths-Whizz can support any scheme of work your schools follow including White Rose, Numicon, Inspire Maths, Maths No Problem and Abacus.

Find out more about how the Maths-Whizz Tutor raises student attainment.

In-depth and insightful reporting

See the true level of maths ability of each and every student, class and school across your Trust with Maths-Whizz Assessment & Reporting.


Compare the performances of not only each class across your entire Trust but also each individual school too.

Evidence Progress

Present clear evidence of your students' accelerated progress to parents, governors and senior management.


Accurately forecast student progress and results in the lead up to those all important SATs exams.

Target Weaknesses

Help teachers identify and support those students who require additional help with their maths studies.


Set differentiated lessons with our Topic Focus feature. Pick a topic and deadline, and Maths-Whizz will assign the work.

A trustworthy partnership

At Whizz Education, we're more than just an EdTech provider - we're your education partner.

When you subscribe to the Maths-Whizz Suite, you get a dedicated Customer Success Manager, who will work closely with you to:

  • Implement Maths-Whizz in your schools
  • Provide ongoing support and guidance through detailed impact reports
  • Host maths celebration assemblies
  • Run bespoke CPD-certified training courses

In fact, your Customer Success Manager will run training sessions involving all the teachers across your Trust, which will help to improve consistency in the approach to teaching mathematics throughout all your schools, ensuring that you achieve all your unique goals.

Reduce teacher workload

When you purchase Maths-Whizz, you’re not just guaranteeing student progress in maths, you’re also ensuring that you reduce workload for your teachers.

Differentiated lessons

The Tutor automatically assigns every student with the right lesson at the right time, without having to click a single button.

High-quality resources

Our Teachers’ Resource contains 1200+ interactive lessons and worksheets in one location.

Automatic marking

Lessons are automatically marked in real time, saving teachers valuable time that would usually be dedicated to marking.

Guaranteed value for money

Accelerated progress or your money back.

We know that school budgets are under significant pressure, which is why we offer special MATs pricing to ensure that you get the best return on your investment for your Trust.

That’s not all though! To ensure that you’re fully-confident in your decision to invest in the Maths-Whizz Schools Suite, we backup our promise to accelerate student progress with a Money Back Guarantee.

To find out more about our Money Back Guarantee, click here. T&Cs apply.

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