Our Covid-19 maths offer to schools

This is a time for educators to pull together. We are all faced with a lot of uncertainty right now but one thing is for sure: learning must continue.

As an education partner accountable to learning outcomes, Whizz is pledging to help schools through this difficult period. The Maths-Whizz virtual tutor is designed for remote learning and has proven efficacy with thousands of schools worldwide.

If your school is not yet partnered with us can get in touch via [email protected] to learn how we can support you.

What teachers say about Whizz Education

“...Learning supports the way we teach maths and is very much in line with our school maths curriculum and the National Curriculum. Activities are presented in a pictorial form using a variety of images and animations that are bright and appealing.

This enables us to provide feedback to children as to their performance which is valuable when we can’t see them face to face.

In the stressful environment of setting up distance learning ready for shut-down, [Whizz’s] support was the practical, calm help we needed to provide children with a quality program for learning maths remotely.

Parents have been really happy to receive the certificates and helps them to know they are doing the right thing. For some children, Maths Whizz has been a much more accessible way to learn remotely rather than any other elements we have introduced for distance learning...”

Maxine Burge – Maths Lead
Halton Lodge Primary School

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