Using desktop shortcuts for Maths-Whizz

Setting up your schools desktop shortcuts

The following information will help guide you to set up your schools personalised desktop shortcuts for Teachers’ Resource and Tutoring Plus.

Please follow the steps below to successfully set up your desktop shortcuts.

1. Login to your school account

Go to and login to your school account using your school login credentials.

2. Select the ‘Save Shortcut’ button within the Teachers’ Resource and Tutoring Panels.

When you click on these links the browser will usually download the files into your “Downloads” folder. Locate these files and drag them to your desktop to allow easy access to Maths-Whizz for Teachers and Students.

3. Launch the Desktop Shortcuts

When launching Maths-Whizz Teachers’ Resource, Teachers and Students will automatically be logged into the resource (no username and password is required).

When launching Tutoring Plus, Teachers will be directed to the login page with their username pre-populated.

Common problems and their solutions

When using desktop icons some users have reported some technical issues. We have tried to sum up the most common problems and represent solutions to fix them.

Where is my desktop shortcut?

Some users have reported problems finding the download when they click the download the desktop shortcut button from within their School’s account page.

Solution: Depending on what browser you use and your download settings the solution may vary. When a user selects the download link from within the account page they should be asked where they wish to save the download, if this does not appear then your shortcut would normally get downloaded to your ‘downloads’ folder. This folder can normally be found in your ‘My Documents’ folder (C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents).

FireFox users can select ‘Tools’ then ‘Downloads’ to locate the desktop shortcut.

Why do i get an error when i try to launch the Desktop Shortcut?

Some users have reported instances whereby when they try to launch Maths-Whizz Teachers’ Resource from a desktop shortcut, they are presented with the following error: ‘Problem with Shortcut The target ” of this Internet Shortcut is not valid’

Solution: This problem occurs if the Windows shell receives a notification during the process that creates the Internet shortcut file. This notification is received before the file has been completely written to the disk. To fix this issue users are required to update their operating system with the latest service pack.

Windows XP users can click here to find out how to resolve the problem

Windows VISTA users can click here to find out how to obtain the latest service pack