Uploading students to your school account

Step 1 – Add student information

Please click on the link students-nps.csv and save this file to an easy-to-find location on your computer.

Open this file in Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice or a compatible spreadsheet application. The document allows you to upload student information to Maths-Whizz, and will look like the example below. Enter information in each column.

  1. When entering a year group, you can either enter the number of the year group. I.e. Year 5 could be entered as 5; Foundation could be entered as F.
  2. You can enter your own password (5 digits or more) in the ‘Password’ column. If you leave the password column empty, a random 5 digit password will be generated automatically.
  3. The two examples that are highlighted in yellow can be deleted from the spreadsheet; please do not delete the heading in row 1.

Step 2 – Save to CSV format

Once you have finished entering information for each student you are now ready to upload the file. Save the file first – select “Save As”, and specify ‘.csv’, or ‘comma-separated values’ file. Please name the file so that you can easily find it when you are ready to upload.

Step 3 – Locate CSV file

The excel file has now been saved as a .CSV file to your computer. Please return to the teacher account page, the internet window should still be present. Follow the instructions in step 5. Click ‘Browse’ to locate and select your file.

Step 4 – Upload the CSV file

When your filename appears in the ‘Find my file’ box, click the ‘Upload’ button at the right-hand side of the screen.

Step 5 – Confirm upload

Please wait whilst the students are uploaded to the system. This may take a few minutes.

When the students have been successfully uploaded you will see a page that lists the class names and grades. Have fun and enjoy Maths-Whizz. If you experience any errors uploading your student data please contact Customer Success.