Math-Whizz for Homeschoolers

The ideal tool for teaching math at home

Are you looking for homeschool math lessons online? Then you need Math-Whizz, our award-winning online tutor that provides high-quality homeschool math lessons that are both fun and educational. That's not all though, Math-Whizz is also highly personalized, and uses powerful AI to tailor lessons to your child's individual needs and pace of learning.

Why Math-Whizz?

Improve math ability by 18 months in just one year

With just 45 minutes of work a week, our interactive math games can accelerate your child’s learning by up to 6 months.*

More than just a revision tool

Unlike a revision tool, Math-Whizz teaches children concepts rather than just assigning and grading exercises. In fact, giving your child Math-Whizz is like having a specialist math teacher in your home. After reviewing your child’s strengths and weaknesses in math, the Tutor will provide lessons that aim to eliminate specific gaps in their knowledge, only moving them onto harder material when they’re ready - all without parental input.

Perfect for independent learning

With Math-Whizz there are no outside distractions, meaning your child can learn independently without supervision.

Support your child and build confidence

Math-Whiz builds confidence and increases independence by supporting your child with help and tips if they’re struggling. The Tutor doesn’t simply say an answer is incorrect, it guides them through lessons with the support they need.

The more flexible and cost-effective alternative to a private tutor

Not only will Math-Whizz save you hundreds of dollars in tutoring fees, it’s also more flexible than a private tutor, as it can be used at any time, in any place with an internet connection.

Make math engaging and fun

With over 1200 interactive animated math lessons and games, your child will love math in no time.

How it Works


Math-Whizz starts with an in-depth assessment, building a unique profile of your child’s ability that adapts over time as they learn.


Using your child’s unique profile, Math-Whizz tailors teaching with lessons that suit their current ability in every topic.


Math-Whizz gives you full visibility of your child’s progress, showing you their current ability, progress and more, in easy to understand reports.

Support your homeschool program with Math-Whizz!

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What Our Customers Say

*Research by Whizz Education — conducted with over 12,000 students and verified by independent experts — demonstrates that children who learn with the Math-Whizz Tutor for 45-60 minutes a week increase their Math Age by an average of 18 months in their first year.