Privacy Policy


Effective Date: July 31 2019

Whizz Education takes privacy and data protection seriously. We are especially conscious of the need to protect information concerning children using the Site. Because we gather certain types of information about the users of our website, we want you to understand how that information is collected and used. This privacy policy discloses the types of information we gather, how we use it, and how to correct or change it. These privacy practices apply to the website located at (the “Site”), which is operated by Whizz Education Inc, a Washington corporation (“Whizz Education”) in conjunction with Whizz Education’s parent company in the United Kingdom, Whizz Education Limited.

Whizz Education has taken account in its privacy policy and practices of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act 1974 (FERPA), the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act 1998 (COPPA) and other Federal and State privacy and data protection laws as detailed below. Whizz Education Limited complies with UK data protection legislation and since May 25, 2018, with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) adopted by the European Union. You can find Whizz Education Limited’s GDPR compliant Data Protection Policy here.

In this privacy policy, we refer to a school, parent or legal guardian that has subscribed to our services as a “Subscriber,” and we refer to the student(s) registered by a Subscriber as a “Student” or “Students.” We do not request personal information such as name, physical address, email address or telephone number from Students or other users of the Site (except as described below under “One-Time Use of Personal Information”). Instead, we request that personal information of a Student be provided by the Subscriber that registers the particular Student. The specific information that we request regarding Students is their first name, last name, date of birth, gender and the name and address of the school they attend, if any. The user name automatically generated for the Student based on the Student’s first name and last initial of the Student and the password selected by the Subscriber are associated with the Student’s personal information and allow the Student to log in to and use the Math-Whizz services.

However, Students interact with our Site in a way that generates information that is associated with the particular Student, such as the results of a mathematics assessment, and we use cookies to identify Students and Subscribers, as described below under “Use of Cookies and Other Tracking Devices.”

COPPA requires that we receive verifiable parental consent before we collect personal information from children under the age of 13. Therefore, in order for a student to use the Math-Whizz online tutoring services available on the Site (other than on an anonymous trial basis), the student’s parent or legal guardian must first consent to our collection and internal use of personal information from their children under the age of 13 as well as accepting the license and other terms set forth in the Terms and Conditions for Math-Whizz Tutoring Plus (Home Subscription) (the “Subscription Agreement”), which may be found at the following link: Home Subscription Agreement

Students may also use Math-Whizz Tutoring Plus for Schools and/or Math-Whizz Teachers’ Resource Online for Schools as a result of a purchase of these services by schools. Whizz Education is not required to obtain consent directly from parents with respect to the collection of personal information from their school students and relies on the authority of its school customers in this regard.
FERPA applies to US schools giving rights to parents with respect to their children’s educational records. We support our US school customers to comply with FERPA by exercising appropriate security safeguards in our storage, processing and transmission of all data concerning the Students of our customers, by restricting access to such data only to parties providing our services to the customers, and by committing to reporting and information exchange procedures in the event of any unauthorised use or disclosure of protected data.

The terms and conditions upon which North American schools access Math-Whizz Tutoring Plus for Schools and Math-Whizz Teachers’ Resource together with our Data Protection Supplementary Statement for North American Schools can be found at the following link: School Access Agreements

There are no public forums or other areas on the Site that permit children under 13 to disclose their personal information publicly.

Our Site may contain links to third party sites which are not subject to this privacy policy. We recommend that you read the privacy policy of any such sites that you visit. This privacy policy applies only to the Site, as defined above.

Information Collected

Personal information is collected through our Site by both Whizz Education Inc and its parent company, Whizz Education Limited, the operators of the website. The names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses of these companies are:

Company Name:

Whizz Education Inc

Principal Office Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 3060,
Roanoke, VA 24015-1060

E-mail: [email protected]

Company Name:

Whizz Education Limited

Registered Office:

Macmillan House
Paddington Station
W2 1FT

Tel: 44 (0) 207-298-5170

[email protected]

Whizz Education Limited is registered in England No. 4494788 and with the UK’s Information Commission as a Data Controller in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Data Protection Registration Number: Z8747153

What personal information we collect from visitors to our Site depends upon how visitors choose to interact with us through the Site. As noted above, becoming a Math-Whizz Subscriber requires that a Student’s school, parent or legal guardian provide us with certain information about the school, parent or guardian itself, himself or herself and about the Students registered by the Subscriber as users of the Math-Whizz service.

The primary means by which we collect personal information are as follows:

  • the use of enquiry registration forms
  • the check-out process by which our products or services are purchased
  • the voluntary provision of information to us outside of these contexts (for example, by email) The information that we actively collect may include:
    • name and gender of the Subscriber
    • home or other physical address of the Subscriber
    • telephone number(s) of the Subscriber
    • email address(es) of the Subscriber
    • payment details of the Subscriber, such as credit card information and bank account information
    • the name, date of birth, gender and school attended of registered Students
    • family relationships of multiple registered Students, when registered by a particular Subscriber
  • We also collect information regarding Students’ use of the services, including the time and duration of all visits to Math-Whizz, the mathematics ability of any Student completing an assessment, as determined by that assessment, the Student’s scores in all exercises, and the age level reached in all Math-Whizz topics. We also collect information automatically about visits by users of Math-Whizz. Please see the Use of Cookies section for more details.

Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

We do not sell any personal information of our Subscribers or Students to third parties.

Personal information may be used to:

  • provide Subscribers and Students with a personalized service, for example by identifying the Student upon login, providing the Student and Subscriber access to past sessions and results, and keeping track of the Student’s progress
  • provide the Subscriber with feedback about use of Math-Whizz by the Students registered by that Subscriber
  • process orders, registrations, changes to registrations and enquiries
  • contact the Subscriber regarding the Subscriber’s Math-Whizz account
  • request feedback from the Subscriber
  • send information such as newsletters and updates to the Subscriber, and information about other products and services we offer (providing the Subscriber agrees to receive such information
  • reply to requests or queries from a Subscriber, from a Student or from a visitor to the Site
  • check credit by providing applicable information from the Subscriber to a credit reference agency, which may then record that a credit check has been made
  • facilitate payment by disclosing certain personal details of the Subscriber to a bank, credit card operator or other payment processor for the purposes of setting up a continuous payment authority and/or collecting direct debits
  • facilitate cookies – please see “Use of Cookies and Other Tracking Devices” below for more details

In general, we may disclose personal information to (i) third party suppliers we engage as reasonably required to enable them to provide services to us that involve processing or storing data on our behalf (such as payments credit checks, Site hosting and data storage), (ii) to our affiliates (such as our parent company or a subsidiary) in connection with operating the Site or other business operations, (iii) to successors to our business (for example by merger or acquisition) or (iv) in accordance with a court order or if we are otherwise required to do so by law. In addition, we may provide the name, address, telephone number and email address of the Subscriber to our business partners who have introduced a user to Math-Whizz and whose referral code the user has used in becoming a Subscriber.

We do not provide personal information regarding children under 13 to third parties that do not support the internal operations of the Site unless those third parties agree or are otherwise obligated to preserve its confidentiality, integrity and security or unless the information has been pseudonymised or anonymised. In addition, Subscribers may consent to the collection and internal use of personal information of children under 13 while refusing to permit us to share that personal information with third parties other than those supporting the internal operations of the Site. To make such a request please contact us as set forth below under “Contacting Whizz Education.” COPPA states that we may not condition the participation of a child under the age of 13 in an activity on the child’s disclosure of more information than is reasonably necessary to participate in that activity, and we take this requirement seriously.

We do use information in pseudonymised or aggregate form (so that no individual is identified):

  • to build up marketing profiles
  • to aid strategic development
  • to provide such information to actual and prospective subscribers and educational authorities
  • to audit usage of the Site
  • to evaluate the Site (for example, aggregate information regarding Students’ gender and associated performance may be used to evaluate how well the Site is serving boys and girls)

If you wish to receive information about Whizz Education products or services or from other carefully selected organizations about products or services they offer, please indicate your preferences using the consent boxes when registering. To change these preferences, and in particular to unsubscribe from emails which we send to you, please contact us as set forth below under “Contacting Whizz Education.” Emails sent by us may include third-party advertisements.

One-Time Use of Information

Our Site may contain forms allowing anyone (including non-Subscribers and non-Students) to submit a query to us or to generate an email from the user that will be sent to another person, such as the user’s parents. We understand that some of these users submitting queries or referring the Site to another person will be children. The personal information collected in connection with these uses of the Site will be limited to the user’s name and email address. To comply with COPPA, and because it will not always be apparent to us when a user is under the age of 13, we will use the personal information collected in these forms on a one-time basis only, and only to respond to the specific query or send the particular requested email. After fulfilling the one-time use, we will delete the personal information from our records.

Use of Cookies and Other Tracking Devices

We use cookies to help personalize each Subscriber’s and Student’s use of Math-Whizz. A cookie is a small piece of information that is sent to and stored on a user’s computer’s hard drive by the web server running a website, so that the website can “remember” who the user is, among other things. This information may include information relating to use of our Site, information about the user’s computer such as the computer’s internet protocol (IP) address and browser type, and, if the user arrived at our Site via a link from a third party site, the web address (URL) of the linking page.

We use information from cookies for purposes which may include:

  • identifying returning Subscribers and Students and allowing Subscribers and Students to be presented with a personalized version of our Site
  • enabling the user to move more easily around our Site (e.g., by remembering what data a user has entered into a form so that it need not be entered again)
  • tracking the use of our Site to better develop our Site in accordance with users’ requirements

You can delete cookies from your hard drive at any time. However this will mean that any settings will have to be re-entered. You can set your internet browser so that it will not allow cookies to be stored on your computer. This may reduce functionality of our Site, prevent access to subscription-only areas of the Site and mean that certain features or content will not be available to you. From time to time we may permit third-party companies to set cookies on user’s computers from our Site for purposes which may include market research, placing advertisements, revenue tracking or to improve functionality of the Site.

We distinguish on our Site cookies which are necessary to enable the core functionality of our services and cookies for analytics and advertising purposes, and provide users of the Site with options to switch off the latter.


Whizz Education has appropriate measures in place to protect our Subscribers’ and Students’ personal information against unauthorized access or use, alteration, or unlawful or accidental destruction or loss, and to otherwise protect the confidentiality, integrity and security of that information.

Contacting Whizz Education; Requests Regarding Information

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your personal information or that of your Student, wish to review, amend or request that we delete any of the personal information which we hold about you or a Student you have registered, wish to request that we cease to collect or use personal information of your Student, or wish to update your marketing preferences including unsubscribing from emails we send to you, please contact our Data Protection Officer at [email protected] or email [email protected]. In some cases, deleting or ceasing to collect personal information will mean that the subscription-only areas of the Site will no longer be usable.

You may also contact us at the following address:

Whizz Education Inc.
P.O. Box 3060,
Roanoke, VA 24015-1060

Whizz Education will respond to all inquiries from parents and guardians concerning this privacy policy and the use of children’s information.

Changes to this Policy

The effective date of this privacy policy is given above. From time to time we may make changes to this privacy policy. We will post any changes on this page, and each version of this privacy policy will be identified by its effective date at the top of the page.