Times Table Sheet

Could a multiplication table be the key to your child’s maths success?

Using a times table chart to learn your times tables might seem too basic for learning over 100 calculations, but it can prove to be a particularly nifty resource for you and your child.

A strong grasp of times tables can lead to greater confidence as new mathematical concepts are introduced in class and helps increase enjoyment of the subject, so why not find out how our times table sheet could help your child with their times tables?

Times table sheet

Why use a multiplication table?

The government stipulates that children should be able to memorise their times tables up to 12 x 12 by the age of 9. We realise here at Whizz Education that motivating your child to learn their times tables can be a difficult task and it’s sometimes hard to know where to start. Our free times table chart download is here to help.

The technique of using a multiplication table is thousands of years old. It is an effective way to visualise the calculations held within it and it demonstrates the relationships between numbers.

It is well-known that facts developed over time and practiced regularly ‘stick’ into the long-term memory more effectively. Our times table sheet can be a part of the learning your child does at home.

How to use our times table sheet

Our times table sheet covers the factors 0-12 and their products up to 144. The factor can be found along the top and side of the table whilst the product, or the answers, appear in the middle. It is helpful to use the correct language when working with a times table chart to consolidate what your child is learning at school.

It’s a great idea to start by picking from the side of the table at random. Show your child that by moving across the table they will see the multiples of that number.Then choose a number from the side and then one from the top. Illustrate that where the two numbers intersect on the times table chart, is the product of the two numbers.

You can use coloured pencils and highlighters on the sheet to help visualisation. Because you can print off as many of our times table sheet as you need, you can practice directly on the chart as much as you want.

The times table chart can also be used to find and visualise square numbers. Encourage your child to start at the top left-hand side of the times table chart and ask them to colour in each number times by itself. They’ll soon see a pattern form across the square.

A multiplication chart can also be used to explore doubles within the times tables. For some rows and columns, the multiples of one number are double the multiples of another.

Our times table sheet is a great way to practise maths with your child. Make it visually effective by using colour and create excitement by making it competitive.